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If you’re looking to protect the walls of your bathroom or kitchen with a modern and contemporary twist, then glass splashbacks are the perfect choice for you. They are durable, hygiene friendly and low maintenance alternative to styling any area. It is no surprise that glass splashbacks have become the go-to product for any new build. In addition, technological advances have opened up a vast array of design opportunities enabling bespoke features for any dwelling.


With vast array of industrial technologies at our disposal, glass can be produced in any size, shape and colour to suit your own bespoke style and design.

  • Splashbacks are produced in 6mm low iron glass for enhanced optical clarity, which is optically clearer than standard glass, providing truer colour.
  • Toughened to BS EN 2150 and BS6206 safety and quality standards ensuring safe use near a heat source (hob or hoven).
  • Cut outs for sockets, taps and notches with full templating and esnuring a perfect result.
  • Coloured glass can be supplied to any RAL, Dulux or Pantone reference of your choice. Select from our wide range of stock colours, metallics, sparkles, toughened mirror and more.
  • A color matching service is available for those with a more bespoke need (additional charges may apply).
  • Specialist painting service to incorporate glitters, texture, images or colour patterns. Check out our range of sparkles, stencil and printed splashbacks.
  • Hydrophobic coatings can be applied to reduce maintenance requirements and increase durability (additional charges may apply).

Special Projects in Glass

At Glass Tailors, we live in a visual world and believe the old saying that a picture paints a thousand words. This is precisely why we offer extensive galleries for you to view when selecting the right glass feature to create an inspiring space. It also supports our transparency ethos showcasing real life project accountability and client outcomes.