Go frameless for a timeless finish

Create a unique sense of increased spaciousness, frameless glass enclosures are aesthetically superior, durable, and low maintenance to its counterpart. The increased capital cost is certainly paid off within a period of a few months with its augmented aesthetic appeal, durability, and low-key maintenance requirements.
A frameless glass shower enclosure is a growing trend in bathroom fashion today. Due to their aesthetic superiority compared to any other shower, to the elimination of the thick metal framing and the fact they are much easier to clean, retaining the ‘new’ look for a longer period. While there are many configurations and styles of shower enclosures, they generally fall into two types – framed and frameless glass.
Unlike its counterpart, a frameless shower enclosure is equipped with glass that has greater strength and does not require a heavy metal framing around it to keep the enclosure in place. Whilst we do use some framework and seals each enclosure is assessed and designed to be as minimalist as possible but with functionality in mind. With the ability to carry out UV bonding in-situ we can also create bracket free enclosures and walk in showers for a truly elegant and timeless look.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

  • Specify oversized and non-standard dimensions
  • Choose single or double glass shower doors, hung from the walls or fixed glass panels
  • Maximise space with bi-fold glass doors
  • Stabilising bars or ceiling brackets may be required, we will offer technical advice and incorporate into your design as necessary
  • Can be fitted under sloping ceilings or against out-of-true walls
  • Toughened glass (8mm or 10mm depending on size, style and location – our technical team will advise the correct specification)
  • Full customisable in size, configurations, glass type, handle finishes - all exactly how you want it.
  • Choose from clear or low iron ultra clear glass for optimum results
  • Frosted sandblasted glass for full or partial obscurity
  • Coloured or tinted glass
  • EasyClean coating can be applied for easy maintenance and optimum appearance

Special Projects in Glass

We know it can be so difficult to imagine the perfect glass panelling solution for your bathroom. Whether you are considering a new shower screen, feature wall or a complete makeover—the options for design are literally limitless. Check out our gallery of images below that showcase the broad range of projects we can deliver.