We’ll reach a solution to meet your design and installation criteria

At Glass Tailors we work with our customers to ensure we are designing the right job for them. We are proud to have such a vast expanse of different possibilities and solutions tailored to suit your design brief. After decades of industry experience, we have crafted a unique process that has constantly been evolving and improving to provide an even better service.


Our in-house design consultants offer expert advice and guidance to help you choose the best colour, design and lighting to bring your idea to reality. At Glass Tailors, we try our best to personalise each project, ensuring there is always someone available who is familiar with every aspect of your installation.

This unique touch aims to show you that our mission is not simply to ‘sell you tailored glass’, but we want to really understand your requirements, so we can ensure we have the right mechanisms in place to meet your expectations. Whether your project needs a further site visit, or the measurement needs to be adjusted, we will ensure we have the best solution to meet your outcome.

Call us today for an initial consultation so we can discuss your requirements and offer helpful and knowledgeable advice during the planning phase. We provide you a free, same day over the phone estimate before we carry out a full site survey of your area and then manufacture your glass and install from there.

Survey & Quote

If you have accepted our estimate and are happy to go ahead, we will arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out a fully digital CAD survey and discuss your design. If we are not fitting your glass, we don’t tend to come out to measure up, but we can supply the glass to your specification.

The need for precision and expertise is critical to a successful installation and it is our rightful duty to ensure all projects are fully compliant in all aspects of the installations. The glass is often almost the final element of a building project: we cannot take precise measurements for the glass until the floors are finished, the walls are in place or the stairs are installed in readiness for the balustrade.

A member of our team will attend a pre-contract meeting if required depending on the scope and nature of the job. Subsequent site surveys may also be necessary, to confirm and finalise details and measurements.

A site survey is required on all projects in order to:

  • Provide an initial assessment of the viability of the proposed installation
  • Take necessary measurements
  • Discuss glass finishes and types
  • Agree fixings and any other specific metalwork
  • Establish site access
  • Establish Health and Safety requirements
  • Provide a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) where required
  • Establish requirements for transportation and delivery of the glass
  • We would expect an appropriate member of your project team to accompany us on site.
Design Concept

Design & Manufacture

On completion of the survey our estimation team will send across a final quotation based on the final measurements. Our technical design team will also prepare detailed CAD drawings to display all glass fixings, the specification of glass and the construction. This is an important stage of the project that requires our design team to expertly measure the drawings before installation. Together with the quote our estimation team will send across a full visual of how your completed design will look for approval. Upon acceptance of the quote the glass is then placed into production, appropriate fixings/materials are ordered, and an installation date is confirmed.

Glass Tailors will liaise with the customer over the advising and managing of the installation logistics; should any further provisions be needed; Glass Tailors will ensure to complete the installation as safely and accurately as possible at a time convenient for you.


Our installation teams are the best in the industry – we have hand-picked some absolute gems who keep our clients coming back with more ideas! Whether it’s as simple as a frameless glass shower door, or an entire multi-storey office space, our teams have proven themselves to apply the same standards and commitment to achieving the best possible execution.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous large and small fit out companies. We have worked with large and small organisations, local and corporate builders - our flexible approach is tailored to your project’s requirements on time and with the right quality – seamlessly made to measure!

All the preliminary work culminates in the installation. With the comprehensive Glass Tailors service you can be confident that our Project Management and Procurement Teams will have been working towards and efficient and effective install process.


At Glass Tailors, we take our customer’s journey very seriously. If we do not meet your standard or expectations, then please tell us how we can do better! We want to have the right attitude and approach to deal with our customers, so if we are not getting it right, tell us how we can.

We are always looking at ways to improve our service, so please feel free to get in touch and provide feedback on our service so we can ensure we continue to improve. How can we improve if you do not tell us?

We try to help you every step of the way with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable advice (we would hope!) to make sure the final installation leaves you satisfied.