Wall Mirrors | Bathrooms | Feature Walls | Gym & Dance Studios

As well as making a stylish feature in any home or commercial property, mirrors can instantly open up a space by reflecting light around the room. At Glass Tailors, we can work to your exact specifications, ensuring your mirror fits your space perfectly.


Our custom mirrors are manufactured for residential projects, leisure centres, studios and gyms. With a wide range of decorative glass and mirror finishes available, why not add a unique style to your interior.

  • Custom designed & measured for your kitchen, bathroom or feature wall.
  • Cut outs for sockets, taps and notches with full templating and ensuring a perfect result.
  • Handrails, Ballet Bars and additional fittings available for gym/dance studios.
  • Specify oversized and non-standard dimensions
  • Antique and tinted mirror options.
  • Detailed Sandblasted/Frosted patterns.

Special Projects in Glass

At Glass Tailors, we live in a visual world and believe the old saying that a picture paints a thousand words. This is precisely why we offer extensive galleries for you to view when selecting the right glass feature to create an inspiring space. It also supports our transparency ethos showcasing real life project accountability and client outcomes.