Glass for the Exterior

Frameless glass balustrades evoque the feeling of space and light. Normally used to make the most of a property’s view and outside space, frameless balustrades can also help create the perception of an area as more open, whilst still being safe. Incorporated with toughened laminated glass panels and low-profile bottom channel fixings, the system allows multiple panels to be fitted to give a completely clear view through the glass. Standoffs can also be used for a frameless finish where it may be difficult to install a run of channel without it being impeded. Such as a down pipe or brick protrusion.
Post systems for both interior and exterior usage in 204 and 316 stainless steel are available in circular and square post ranges. Powder coating of posts are also available to any RAL colour and handrails are available in either stainless steel or wood.

Glass for the Interior

Traditional timber spindles are more frequently being replaced with glass to create areas of light and space in smaller hallways and landings. A number of different fixing methods are available and with the ability to machine timber easily these methods are being developed constantly.
Glass gives timber an extra depth that can’t be achieved with timber alone. The feature grains of the timber are complemented by the clarity and simplicity of the glass.
Normally glass would be used in a wooden balustrade or staircase to make the most of a home’s natural light where timber wouldn’t work. The combination of glass and timber together can create a stunning effect especially where different tints of glass are mixed with types of timber

Glass Balustrades

  • Glass balustrades are perfect in so many situations – including balconies, mezzanine floors, staircases, patios and walkways
  • Interior or exterior locations
  • Frameless and framed glass balustrades
  • A wide variety of standard or bespoke fixing systems available
  • Specify a handrail in your choice of wood or stainless steel
  • Coloured glass, laminated glass, sandblasted or other bespoke finishes
  • Fully compliant with British Standards and Building Regulations

Special Projects in Glass

At Glass Tailors, we live in a visual world and believe the old saying that a picture paints a thousand words. This is precisely why we offer extensive galleries for you to view when selecting the right glass feature to create an inspiring space. It also supports our transparency ethos showcasing real life project accountability and client outcomes.